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PMA goes B-I-G in Large Format Printing

While most traditional print areas are either static or reducing (for example, forms, envelopes, letterheads), Large / Wide format print categories are experiencing big growth. The number of specialist large format printers in PMA markets continues to grow based on our client demands. Further, offset sheet-fed printers are starting to move into large format print capability through the acquisition of new equipment to service this booming sector.


Large / Wide format products include signage; point of sale displays; window and floor graphics; banners and posters; mesh; fabrics; vehicle wraps; exhibition stands; marquees; and the list goes on. PMA handles this entire sourcing set with ease.



Large format press equipment is typically either “roll-to-roll” which involves a continuous roll of substrate being printed on, or “flat-bed” which has a large print head (or series of heads) that move over and print on a rigid substrate sheet (for example, board, metal, timber). It is the huge array of equipment and substrate capabilities that really determine who can print what. The supplier market is fiercely competitive and PMA is well placed to take advantage of this expanding competition for our client requirements.


PMA’s huge supplier firepower locally and internationally across Large / Wide format print segments provides our clients with a suite of supplier options and greater product and cost benefits in this growing print sourcing space !